About us

Vitality through gamification

Fittar mission and vision for the future

At Fittar we believe that everybody deserves the thrill of staying fit. We want to contribute to this vision by being the innovative application that helps people get and stay fit through a new category of fun gamified workouts.

Ambition & Brand positioning


By blending body movement with gaming, Fittar introduces a whole new level of fun to exercising. Adding social challenges and workouts, helps us to become the leading application for exergaming. With Fittar, we redefine the way people stay fit, by introducing a new category of gamified workouts. Even the most reluctant exercisers won’t be able to resist!

Brand positioning

We know that when activities are fun to do, people achieve better results, faster. Using cutting-edge technology, Fittar turns your workouts into an immersive game. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, we have something you’ll absolutely love. And the best part? You can do it all in the comfort and safety of your own home. We know you’ll be thrilled by the results as you won’t quit when you’re having fun!

Our team

Due to his strong background in professional sports Martijn is Fittar’s primary public spokesperson.

Martijn de Jong


Alje is a dynamic and innovative individual who is passionate about the latest advancements in technology and product development.

Alje Hoving


Robert is focusing on business development and overall strategy. He is also responsible for managing finance and legal affairs.

Robert Ranzijn


Hilly likes to pamper customers and particularly excels in relationship management, she is at her best in the position of Customer Success Manager at Fittar.

Hilly Kuperus

Customer Succes Manager

Gerard's heart was always set on creating exciting games that audiences could enjoy.

Gerard Meindersma

Exergame developer

Joost is a hands-on marketing strategist with 25+ years of experience and shares his knowledge, experience and advice with the FITTAR team on Marketing related topics.

Joost Niepoth

Marketing Strategist

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