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Employee engagement isn’t just about personal growthit’s the cornerstone of organizational success. Engaged employees are more dedicated, productive and likely to stick around for the long haul. In today’s remote-heavy work environment, it’s more crucial than ever.

With Fittar it’s more than just movement, it’s a platform built on connection. With interactive features, gamification, and multiple competition elements. Fittar fosters social bonds and community spirit. Plus, employers can customize content to ramp up engagement even further. Ready to energize your workforce?

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The Challenge

Companies globally face rising employee sickness rates due to hybrid work strains and decreased health focus. Ignoring this amplifies physical and mental health concerns. Let’s work together for a healthier work culture, encouraging regular exercise, and enhancing employee engagement. 

Just 21% of employees
are engaged

44% of employees globally fear loss of
connection to colleagues due to hybrid work.

Keep fit!

Build engagement

The Solution

Delivered through a platform that combines fitness with smart technology and gamification, in the comfort of your own home. A new way to work out in which you forget you’re working out.


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Introducing the Fittar app

Enjoy all the benefits of Fittar on your mobile that effortlessly connects to your TV, transforming your home into a fitness hub.

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