Healthy employees are essential for a successful organization.

Company Challenges

Healthy employees are essential for a successful organization. However, technological advancements and hybrid work make it increasingly challenging for employers to continue to improve employees vitality. 

Physical exercise is a key contributor to vitality. And that’s our thing! Our mission is to get everybody moving, young, old, fit or less fit, everyone, wherever, whenever.

Our solution

With the Fittar application for companies, Fittar offers companies a unique combination of innovative technology and a virtual environment that keeps employees moving and engaged with elements such as gamification, interaction, and engagement.

Why do you want a vital organisation

A good amount of physical activity is essential to get and keep employees physically and mentally vital. However, technology and hybrid working are increasingly challenging for employers to contribute to this. Fittar’s mission is to get people actively moving, both at home and in the workplace. Fittar blends gaming with body movement and social challenges, creating an unique and fun exercise experience even the most hesitant can’t turn down.

The Fittar application encourages users to move more frequently and extensively through elements such as gamification, competition, interaction, and mutual connection. 

With the application, Fittar offers companies a solution to get their employees physically active and engaged in an accessible and enjoyable way, anywhere and anytime. The Fittar application can be customized to the look & feel of your company’s branding if desired. Moreover, the Fittar application provides the ability to generate relevant data for HR and/or vitality managers.” 

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