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We understand that you may have questions about our products and services, and we want to help you find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Our FAQ page is designed to provide you with answers to the most common questions about our products and services.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions.








First check the batteries, and point the remote control towards the Smart Box. If it doesn’t work, please contact us at support@fittar.eu.

Check the HDMI input and select the correct input on your screen

Generate a QR code of your available network and show the QR code to the camera. It is important to hold the QR code stable and straight about 30 cm in front of the camera.

Show the QR code to the camera and set the brightness of your screen as high as possible, hold the QR code steady and try different distances

Go to www.qr-generator.com on your phone and choose WI-Fi. Enter your network and password and you will receive a QR code

Instruction QR-code PNG – 51.09 KB

Move the tripod under the smartbox in the possible ways to create a stable position

Batteries are included in the packaging

There are two options; 1. Long press and hold the power button, on top of the remote control until a window appears on the right-hand side of the screen. select ‘turn off’ here. 2. Unplug the power cable from the Smart box.


Reset your password by clicking ‘forgot my password’ on the login screen or contact support@fitter.eu

Try you’re e-mailadress or contact us: support@fittar.eu

Contact us at support@fittar.eu

Yes, you will get a message on the Smart Box during start-up asking if you want to install the latest version.

Use the + button on the remote control

Use the – button on the remote control


Please follow the intructions on the screen. It will tell you where to position yourself and if the angle of the camera should be more up or down.

Make a clear movement. So, the camera see what kind of movement you do. Do not wear clothes that are too wide during training.

The camera is only active during a training session

No. The built-in infrared camera only tracks your activity and does not store recordings

2 meters in TV length and 1.5 metres in width

There is always a small delay in tracking your physical activity. If this delay is too long, you can restart the SmartBox once. If it wont work, contact us by support@fittar.eu


Go to the: Fittar app -> select settings at the top left -> change to desired language.

Dutch, French, English, Polish, German

No, in the current version a voice over is available in Polish or German for the most important instructions.


Start the SmartBox and in the menu, navigate to ‘Apps’ and select the Fittar app.

Go to: fitness video’s -> select type of training -> select level -> select the desired work-out. Or click on the image with the desired work-out

Choose whether you are left or right handed -> Choose whether you want to fight a man or a woman -> Choose level -> Choose number of rounds -> Start shadow boxing training

Most people stand in front with there left foot. Test: Without thinking, stand with one leg forward. Then you will know which position you prefer.

This is a straight punch with your front hand. E.g. if you are standing in front with your right hand, the right hand is your jab hand

This is a straight punch with your back hand. For example, if you are standing in front on the right, you will make a direct punch with your left hand.

This is a punch upwards to the chin.

This is a punch to the head.

This is a punch to the body.

This is a punch in the liver.

Make sure you are standing in the space the SmartBox indicates for calibration.

This is possible after selecting a type of workout in the Fitness Videos menu

Make sure you take a high jump.

It is important to do a deep squat and actively move your upper body with it

Move quickly with your body forward and sideways to sweep away as many blocks as possible.


No, the sound plays through the screen the Smart Box is connected to. You can connect external speakers to this screen.

No, but this is a wish for the future

Updates are done automatically and come as a pop-up notification when you start the Smart Box. This is where improvements are communicated. We also regularly send a newsletter to the e-mail addresses known to us.

No, the camera can measure the activity of one user during a work-out.

The FITTAR Smart Mirror has a warranty period of 2 years.

The FITTAR Smart Mirror has a warranty period of 1 year.

Yes, the Smart Box has 3 different training levels. beginners, intermediate and advanced level

No, the Smart Box currently offers enough work-outs that can be done on body weight. However, it is also possible to do work-outs with equipment.

Check internet connection -> reconnect to your network OR get out of the fitness workout first and try again

Check what time zone it is in and report it to support. suport@fittar.eu

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